About the Change of Misuzu Kamio’s Cast

Misuzu Kamio from “AIR” has been voiced by Tomoko Kawakami, who passed away in 2011. After much consideration, we have decided to have Asami Sanada take on the role as Misuzu Kamio.
Following are comments from Key and Asami Sanada regarding this change in cast.


<From Key>

We have had Tomoko Kawakami voice “AIR”’s Misuzu Kamio ever since the release of the game in 2001. In creating “KAGINADO”, however, we have decided to have a new voice actor take on the role since Misuzu Kamio is an essential character in the world of “AIR”.
We held an audition, and have decided to ask Asami Sanada to take on the role.



<From Asami Sanada>

When I took the audition, I remembered Kawakami-san in her anime and radio recordings.
I always admired her unfettered acting, and her positive attitude that cheered the team up.
It’s because Kawakami-san played the role that the character has a special place in fans’ hearts.

I had goosebumps when I was officially offered the role, and I am still feeling the responsibility of it.
I will cherish the Misuzu that Kawakami-san has built, and inherit it as best as I can!

Asami Sanada